VIVIDiNTRAGLOBAL is an education and development company.

Vi has developed:

- 2 education projects; intraGlobal Studies and CLCeducation

- a unique development strategy called EcoTech Urbanism

VIVIDiNTRAGLOBAL has developed two education solutions: CLCeducation and iGS (intraGlobal Studies).


CLCeducation supports the creation of Community Learning Centers (CLC) which provides a wide range of opportunities, services and products to local communities and other learning instituitions in the fields of education, arts and culture.

CLC-Bali opened in 2010.


intraGlobal Studies is our formal schooling program. iGS builds upon the Cambridge International Exams curriculum to provide a complete curriculum which helps each student become a cultured adult who can be successful in their profession and in their social relationships.

 iGS-Bali opened in 2013.


EcoTech Urbanism (ETU) is a unique, alternative development strategy which integrates 3 profit generating activities.

1) Education

2) Entrepreneurship

3) EcoTechnologies


As part of this solution, ETU is concerned with:

- conserving natural capital

- improving quality of life